Seroquel is currently abused in several different ways, alone as well as with other drugs. If you are worried that someone you know is addicted to Seroquel here are the five top symptoms of Seroquel addiction.

1. Somnolence

The OASAS states that this state of near-sleep is the reason for most of the abuse of this drug. It is also “the most common side effect” of Seroquel abuse. The somnolence, which is somewhat similar to being high, enhances the effects of other drugs like cocaine and heroin. When you notice that someone taking Seroquel is in this state, he or she is very likely abusing or addicted to the drug.

2. Tolerance

seroquel abuse

An addiction to Seroquel may make people act shady and withdrawn.

People who abuse drugs and become addicted to them will usually build up a tolerance to them. According to the NIDA, “tolerance occurs when the person no longer responds to the drug in the way that person initially responded.” Tolerance in and of itself may not be a direct sign of Seroquel addiction, but if someone takes more of the drug in order to counteract this feeling, he or she will more than likely become addicted.

Increasing your Seroquel dosage without consulting a doctor can be very dangerous. A person may form a habit for Seroquel from taking the drug in high doses. This can lead to many other problems.

3. Dizziness

The NLM states that “quetiapine [brand name Seroquel] may cause dizziness, lightheadedness, and fainting when you get up too quickly from a lying position.” This becomes more common when a person’s dosage is increased, so it will be more common as well if someone is taking large amounts of the drug. If someone you know is presenting this symptom very often while taking the drug, there’s a chance he or she is abusing and addicted to Seroquel.

4. Change in Behavior

Drug addiction always causes a person’s behavior to change. Often, someone will choose to spend time with those who also abuse drugs and ignore those who don’t. The abuse of Seroquel can cause someone to behave very strangely and become very secretive, especially if he or she is attempting to hide another addiction to heroin or cocaine as well.

The person you know may now only want to spend time doing the drug because he or she enjoys the somnolent effect so much. It can be very difficult to communicate with the person, and he or she may become irritable if you ask about the use of Seroquel. These are all strong signs of addiction.

5. Weight Gain

According to the OASAS, Seroquel use can cause increased appetite. If a person is abusing the drug or addicted to it, this might become a more obvious problem in the form of weight gain. Someone who is addicted to Seroquel might take it very often in order to feel the effects. This will cause the person’s appetite to increase more and make him or her gain more weight.

If you notice any of these signs in your friend or love one who is taking Seroquel, there is a good chance he or she is already addicted. The best thing you can do is help that person seek treatment immediately.

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